“When I train, everything comes second
- except me!”


Name: Petar Klančir, Height: 181 cm, OFF-Season Weight: 135 kg,
Competition Weight: 117 kg, Started Training in: 2008,
First Competition: 2014, Best Bench Press: 220 kg, Best Deadlift: 280 kg,
Best Squat: 320 kg, Favourite Dish: Sushi, Favourite Drink: This is between me and the bartender ;), GYM: Flexy GYM, Profession: Personal trainer, competitor, Gym owner, Trainer: Mauro Sassi, Idols: Jay Cutler


2014: Overall Balkan Champion
2014: Amateur Olympia 2nd place


When did you start training? What was your goal?
I started my training a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport. Since then my goal was to be one of those elite bodybuilders I saw on the posters in my local gym.

When was your first competition?
About six years ago I started my career. Even though I was a junior competitor I won some shows against seniors and way more experienced guys.

What is your motivation to train even more and you reach your goal?
My motivation is the visibility of progress. When I see myself being better than before I get motivated to work even more and harder than before. It always pays off, always!

What are your goals and your plans for the near future?
My goal is simple and comes in just two word: PRO CARD. After that the sky is the limit but for now I'm going all in to go pro!




My training varies from off-season to contest prep. I always emphasize hard work and heavy weights. My workouts are usually long and I'm in the gym for as long as I feel that is needed. I want to stimulate and push the muscle beyond limits because I believe this is the only way to make actual progress.



I always eat clean - until I don't! All joking aside, I do prefer clean and regular bodybuilding meals. Groceries like: chicken, beef, fish, cottage cheese, green veggies, white and brown rice etc. Nothing unusual, just consistent and well planned.